E-commerce is slowly developing in Benin

Published on : 24/12/2020 – 00:06

In Benin, e-commerce is slowly changing consumer habits. The market is still new but the tools are gradually being put in place, while waiting for the boom.

Beninese people still go shopping in stores, but they are increasingly tempted by online shopping. Specialists identify three “market places” and ten online stores. This is the Top 15, a selection based on attendance and reliability.

The offer is wide, we find everyday products, shopping pleasures such as high-tech equipment, products made in Benin, highly prized by the diaspora, ready-to-wear or even cosmetic products.

Ruth resides in Parakou, 450 kilometers north of Cotonou. Some products cannot be found if not overpriced there. It is online that she finds her happiness. ” I am online very frequently. We have a lot more choices. My last order received is a shoe and bag set. It is convenient », She explains.

Jonas Désiré Denou, another online shopping enthusiast, tells us about his experience. ” I found an item online with a much better price than in stores. I was very satisfied with it. I was delivered in less than 2 hours without moving. I paid a small fee for the delivery man. »For customers who are busy all day, they can pick up their orders from a drive.

Benin has a reputation of being a country where there are a lot of online scams, according to experts, promoters have invested a lot to secure payments. Against these risks, Jonas Désiré Denou has found the solution. ” If they don’t have the confidence of paying online, they can choose to pay on delivery », He explains.

Online commerce first appeared in Benin five years ago. Even if the anti-Covid measures have increased attendance, the promoters are tempering and are not yet talking about a peak.


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