€110 off Logitech G29 racing wheel

PlayStation enthusiasts are all familiar with the Logitech branded racing wheel that lets you drive your favorite cars with a more realistic driving feel. The trajectories are more precise when using this accessory and you can exceed your records. Bring out the competitor in you and experience new thrills! Don’t miss this offer, the LOGITECH G29 Driving Force racing wheel is available at the price of €269.99 instead of €380.51.

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Features of the LOGITECH G29 Driving Force racing wheel

The LOGITECH racing wheel is compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and on some PCs, the driving simulation is advanced for an incomparable feeling. You’ll feel like you’re actually driving on your tracks! The control is precise, fluid and firm, the anti-play system allows good position retention of the steering wheel and pedals.
You feel the grip of the tires with every turn and braking according to each type of terrain.
The design of the steering wheel and pedals are robust and the leather steering wheel is hand-stitched. The stainless steel gear lever and pedals will hold up well to use and time.
The game control is well designed and gives direct access to the various functionalities (directional cross, gear lever, buttons). Indicator lights show you the best time to change gears.

Why choose this accessory in priority?

If you have a preference for racing car games and want to invest in a top wheel, you will be very satisfied with this LOGITECH wheel. The gaming experience is exceptional on PlayStation and you will get your money’s worth thanks to this good Cdiscount plan. A good steering wheel must offer powerful force feedback, be responsive and dynamic and this is the case with this device. A steering wheel is more comfortable than controllers for unforgettable gaming sessions! You will always be eager to start a game again and will be ready to push your limits. The game begins with you, we are counting on you to achieve high performance!

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