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E3 21 / Original, still fun “Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” will be officially launched in September

Blizzard Entertainment announced that “Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” will be officially launched on September 24. This game is the ultimate remake of the classic “Diablo II” and “Lord of Destruction” expansion.

Blizzard said that in “Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth”, the classic 2D character modules of the original game will be fully transformed into 3D heroes, and they will start bloody and exciting fights in the fantasy world full of dark style. With the aid of modern game hardware equipment, “Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” supports up to 4K resolution and fully reproduced Dolby 7.1 surround sound, and a total length of 27 minutes of reproduced cutscenes.

“Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” will use modern game hardware and technology, but the thrill and bloody scenes of hacking and killing demons 20 years ago are not compromised at all. It is equally classic and equally enjoyable. Blizzard also heard the voices of the old players of “Diablo” and improved several game experiences, such as a larger storage box and automatic gold coin pickup function, and allowed players to use both modern image quality and original 800×600 resolution. Freely switch back and forth between options with one key.

Blizzard Entertainment President J. Allen Brack said that “Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” will have a cross-platform progress sharing function, and players will be able to enjoy the game on their favorite platforms.

E3 21 / Original, still fun

The multiplayer beta test of “Diablo II: Rebirth of Hellfire” will be launched on the designated game platform in August. Players will be able to play five freely adjustable character professions (the game is officially launched with a total of seven professions) , Including: Amazon women warriors, barbarians, paladins and magicians, and the druids in the “Lord of Destruction” expansion. The two professions of Necromancer and Assassin will be available for use when the game is officially launched.

“Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” will be released on Windows PC (Battle.net), Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms.


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