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The E3 exhibition, the world’s most eye-catching video game event, will be cancelled in 2020 due to the epidemic, and will be held online in 2021. Many major manufacturers are making every effort to seize the business opportunities under the epidemic. The French manufacturer Ubisoft has released a promotional video for its masterpiece “Avatar”. Players have to play the role of Nabi to defend against invaders on the planet Pandora. As soon as the screen is made public, the player’s expectations are broken.

The scene of the movie “Avatar” reappears on the screen, but this is not a movie trailer, but the masterpiece “Avatar: Pandora Frontier” from the French game manufacturer UBIOT, which will be officially unveiled at the 2021E3 exhibition.

This first-person role-playing game is expected to be launched on the next-generation platform in 2022. Last year, the E3 exhibition suffered an epidemic, and the physical and online exhibitions were canceled. This year, it returned as the first online exhibition in history and won many game manufacturers. Support, and have the opportunity to become the largest number of participants in E3 since its inception in 1995.

The CEO of the Entertainment Software Association said, “About 10 months ago, we evaluated the situation in the world and the changes that take place every day and realized that digitization is the safest way to ensure that E3 can be held normally.”

E3 video game exhibition launches the first online masterpiece

The manufacturer “Bethesda”, which once developed the classic masterpieces of “Legend of Dust” and “The Elder Scrolls”, has released a brand new IP masterpiece Starfield promotional video, which is expected to be marketed exclusively by XBOX and Windows PC by the end of 2022.

Last year, Sony’s fourth-quarter financial report grew 8 times, and Nintendo’s annual revenue also grew 86%. This shows that under the epidemic, the unlimited potential of consumer video games coincides with the advent of the latest next-generation consoles such as PS5 and XBOXX… After coming out of the basket, we must continue to seize the opportunity for homeowners under the epidemic.

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