EA has patented a system to combat collusion in online games – primarily shooters like Apex Legends

Collusion between two teams in online games, also called “teaming”, has been a problem in Apex Legends since a few seasons ago.

The essence of collusion is that two different teams agree among themselves and fight together with another team in order to secure higher positions and, accordingly, more ranking points. According to the rules of the game, all teams must be for themselves.

The system that considers EA is designed to detect such collusion between teams in order to impose a subsequent penalty, which may be exclusion from the match and even a ban.

To determine situations with “teaming”, the system will analyze the behavior of the players and their in-game communication. It is assumed that only the algorithm will deal with the consideration of the materials, however, EA does not exclude that they can connect moderators so that they finally approve the decision.

However, “teaming” is much less of a problem than the usual cheaters, who once again filled Apex Legends ranked matches with the start of Season 15. Whether Respawn has any solution to this problem is unclear.

The system from the EA patent can be used for any online games, but the publisher mentions shooters and royal battles, which means that it is intended primarily for Apex Legends.

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