Early access start not in August; only a short postponement planned

Baldur’s Gate 3 will not start early access in August 2020. The Larian Studios need a little more time for the role play, but not much longer, it says on Twitter. The exact date is to be revealed on August 18 at 7 p.m. at the “Panel From Hell”.

Latest video: Community Update 3 The Road to Baldurs Gate

For preview: Twenty years after Baldur’s Gate 2, a sequel to one of the best isometric role-playing games actually appears. But neither BioWare nor inXile or Obsidian Entertainment continue the adventure: The Larian Studios from Belgium, which were able to inspire fantasy fans worldwide with Divinity: Original Sin 2, also convinced the license holders of Wizards of the Coast with their approach. Studio boss Swen Wincke presented the entry for the first time and played three full hours in a Nuremberg tavern.


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