Earn hundreds of millions by kicking and smashing land! Huang Guochang chokes Lin Weizhou: he is no longer qualified to re-elect the executive head | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Zheng Peiwen/Taipei Report

▲Huang Guochang accused Lin Weizhou of frying the land (Photo/Photo by reporter Zheng Peiwen)

Huang Guochang, a former legislator of Times Power, pointed out on Facebook yesterday that a political figure nominated by the Chinese Kuomintang and will participate in the local elections at the end of the year actually made a huge profit of 120 million yuan in just 18 days by participating in land rezoning. (17) On the 17th, the candidate for the mayor of Zhubei, nominated by the Kuomintang, “Lin Weizhou made hundreds of millions of land enclosures, and the property declaration is obviously false.” The expected profit from the sale of the land is as high as billions of dollars in just three redistricting cases. .

Huang Guochang came to protest in front of the Kuomintang Central Party headquarters at 1:00 p.m. Huang Guochang said that during the 2019 Legislative Council election, he publicly questioned Lin Weizhou and DPP Zheng Honghui’s joint efforts to manipulate Hsinchu City’s “Xiqiao Rezoning”, “Water Source Rezoning”, “Qianxi Rezoning” through the redistricting committee. “Rezoning” three rezoning cases, the expected profit from the sale of the land for the fee is as high as billions of dollars.

In fact, Lin Weizhou and Zheng Honghui have been doing land rezoning alchemy for many years and established a set of SOP methods. First, after the rezoning committee approved it, they bought a large number of land with the same land number through the head, and then controlled the rezoning committee member meeting. Nominate yourself as the director and supervisor of the rezoning committee, and actually control the rezoning committee. Finally, after the official approval of the establishment, the head will transfer the land back to the land speculation group.

Huang Guochang emphasized that Lin Weizhou’s behavior is no longer eligible to run for the chief executive, especially in Zhubei City, which has the highest housing price increase in the country.

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