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This information will allow you to be completely sure that your Solidarity Income October (seventh) will be delivered via Daviplata.

This is a special service, to which the National Government resorted because it helps it to bank the beneficiaries with the Solidarity Income who do not have a savings account.

+ Banks that pay the Solidarity Income since October 23

DaviPlata is the indicated channel, since in a matter of hours it ensures the creation of a digital account, to which the payments of the Solidarity Income. This service provided by the bank is also known as “digital wallet.

It is not necessary to have a savings account, there are no procedures or documents to activate it. They will not charge you for the 4 × 1000 either and it has no handling fee. It is an ideal mechanism for the Solidarity Income Reach that person who needs the help so badly and must withdraw the money soon.

How do you know if your Solidarity Income arrives at DaviPlata?

Interestingly, there are several ways to find out. There is a good chain of communication in that sense:

In the first place, entering your identification number in a DaviPlata link created precisely to provide that solution. Enter here and check it. If you will be paid the Solidarity Income in this service, then it will surely appear in the search you do through this mechanism.

Text message: Whatever the type of cell phone you have, either with internet and those that only serve to call and send SMS. If DaviPlata is the service through which your Solidarity Income will be paid, then you will receive a confirmation message.

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In order not to be deceived, the message with which they communicate with you is through an SMS # 85888. That is the official channel not only for Solidarity Income. There, notifications are also filtered for other programs of the National Government such as # BogotáSolidariaenCasa, Youth in Action and the VAT refund.

Registration in DaviPlata for basic cell phones

Enter the menu of your SIM and access the bank register.
In the option of banks they select DaviPlata.
They choose the type of document, write its number, date and place of issue. They write their first name.
They assign key.
They accept contract for www.daviplata.com
After receiving the message, they activate DaviPlata, entering the option “how much do I have”.

Activate in DaviPlata through the App

Download the DaviPlata App in the application store
They select the type and number of the document. They select to take a photo of the ID.
They fill in the date and place of issue of the document, cell phone number and email.
They enter the 6-digit code that will arrive by SMS.
They accept Terms and Conditions.
They assign the key and click create.

You registered in DaviPlata: When is the Solidarity Income paid?

According to the information that appears on the official website of the Solidarity Income, it is a matter of 24 hours, after the creation of your account, for the corresponding money order to arrive.


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