East German pickle soon in the Andros jam jar

SARL Spreewaldkonserve will soon join the French company Andros.


For East Germans, the pickle has something – in a sour version – of the famous madeleine. It is indeed a pot of “Sour cucumbers” what actor Daniel Brühl door in the movie Good-Bye, Lenin! at the bedside of his convalescent mother, in order to give him the illusion of an RDA regime still alive. At reunification, the cucurbitaceous plant cultivated and processed in the idyllic Spreewald region, protected by an AOC, was moreover one of the only everyday consumer products not to be the victim of stock shortages. Bought by industrialists from West Germany in 1991, SARL Spreewaldkonserve will soon join the portfolio of the French company Andros, presented in Germany as the parent company of Bonne Maman jams.

Subject to the green light from the Federal Cartel Office. The authorization must last in principle “a few weeks“, We say on the German side. In the joint statement of the two companies, the amount of the sale is kept secret but the reason is known: the two owners, soon to retire, have not found a successor in their descendants. The company with a turnover of 115 million euros in 2020 (2 billion the same year for Andros), with 400 employees, half of whom are seasonal, ranks first in sales in the eastern part of the country. The Lot giant had already gained a foothold in the German market the day after reunification with the purchase of the Odenwald brand, the leader in fruit in jars, then with the takeover of a dairy factory, still in Brandenburg.


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