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The vampire story was born with life itself, with the blood, therefore, that represents it. And encourages. The vampire’s tale sprouted with the first wound. The vampire’s story is that of the leech, that of the greedy miser, that of the thirst for forbidden longings: that of fruitful eternity, that of airy seduction, that of the iron will, bent first and then broken, that of the assault without sequel, the one of the nocturnal love, that dies when the day is born and appears again when nobody sees. The one with the tongue kiss, with a bite. The carmine and the bottomless look. The one of the matrix in the neck. Hemophilia.

The vampire’s tale (the myth) is that of the vampire; that of the fascinating man and the captivating woman and that of the child that does not grow and that of the grandmother of thousands and that of the fast landscapes, which are erased and passed and no longer exist, while the infinite – immortal poor – remains; that of the nobleman with a house in the Bohemia and land in the mountains and cattle chained to ten thousand beds, that of the spontaneous slave who gives the soul to any god who knows what to do with it and that of the submissive mud that seeks to be modeled by strong and long fingers and white and blue and thin. The story of eternal life in the face of pain that never ceases and the inextinguishable loneliness, the dilemma of the half-full and half-empty glass, the miracle of glorious priapism and sad priapism, the brief victory, concupiscence, the eagerness, the desire, the strength of silk, which is the brute. The triumph of the bathtub – full to the brim – over the shower.

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The vampire’s fable is its mystery, its secret, the never-ending story, which has just hit and without warning. The legend of the endless night (short, exhausted), that of the unbeatable flesh, which however withers. The dream (of twisted fang) of the hopeful Blessed and the repressed saint, that of the raid of the bedroom without chain or lock. That of the naive undertaker, that of the patient worm. The ultimate truth of the Sun, which is the truth of the stake. The prize story without price. The one of the fault without penalty. The tale of immortality. The one with easy blood. .


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