Eating 200 grams of cheese and 10 grams of chocolate every day can reduce the risk of heart disease |

A foreign university summarized about 100 studies involving heart disease and eating habits, and found that regular consumption of cheese, a small amount of cheese, and chocolate can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers have found that dairy products have a protective effect on heart health. Compared with people who do not drink cheese, people who consume at least 200 grams (about 3/4 cup) a day have a lower risk of heart disease. Eating up to 50 grams of cheese a day (about two and a half slices or 1/3 cup of shredded cheese) is also good for the body.

It is believed that high-saturated fat foods are not good for heart health, but studies have shown that consuming more than 200 grams of whole milk per day does not increase the risk of heart health.

Eating 200 grams of cheese a day is good for heart health. unsplash

The study also found that regular consumption of chocolate is also related to reducing the risk of heart disease, especially black chocolate, because the cocoa is rich in flavonoids (flavonoids), which has antioxidant properties and can prevent “bad cholesterol” from being oxidized. vascular sclerosis.

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However, the public should avoid eating excessive amounts of milk chocolate, as the content of added sugar and processed fat is often high. Excessive intake may be harmful to health. It is recommended to eat up to 10 grams of chocolate per day.

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