Eating better carbohydrates to avoid type 2 diabetes

2023-05-29 14:50:18

  • The quality of carbohydrates is not everything.

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According to a new study, 70% of new diagnoses of type 2 diabetes are the result of poor diet. Scientists invite us to watch what we eat, but also in what order we eat.

Among the 4.5 million diabetics in France, 92% are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. According to the scientific consensus, it would result from a combination of factors genetic et environmental. However, the weight of the latter, and in particular that of thefeedwould be much more important, according to the researchers of the Tufts University of Boston (USA). Thus, according to their conclusions, poor food hygiene could be at the origin, in 2018, of 14.1 million cases of type 2 diabetes, which would represent approximately 70% of new diagnoses on a global scale. In addition, the scientific team was able to identify three bad eating habits that are particularly at risk: the abuse of processed meatbut above all a insufficient consumption of whole grains and an excessive consumption of refined rice and wheat high in bad carbs. Thus, for the Dr Dariush Mozaffarianco-author of the study, these findings « suggest that the poor quality of carbohydrates we eat is a leading contributor to diet-related type 2 diabetes worldwide, with large variations across countries and over time ».

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Consume carbohydrates in the correct order

But carbohydrate quality isn’t everything, according to a recent Japanese study (2). Indeed, according to the analyzes carried out on 21 healthy young women, the Japanese scientific team was able to observe that eat slowlyt (minimum 20 minutes) tasting the vegetables and/or proteins before carbs caused a decrease significant of the postprandial blood glucose after 30 minutes and 60 minutes of digestion. However, the researchers point out that it is also important to respect as much as possible the original matrix vegetables to maintain their blood sugar benefits. In other words, consuming tomatoes in sauce or mashed potatoes does not have the same effects on blood sugar at all, or even opposite effects, due to the loss of fibers which slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. by the body during digestion.

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Respecting this dietary order to positively influence glycemic parameters is all the more relevant for people with type 2 diabetes, which is why this dietary approach has become a official strategy to take care of this pathology in Japan. If it is necessary to qualify these spectacular Japanese results – people of East Asian origin have delayed insulin secretion – the simplicity of implementing this measure in our daily diet is appealing. This is also one of the rules put forward in the method of Jessie Unwearedbiochemist and nutrition researcher, whom she details in her best-selling book Make your glucose revolution – The effective scientific formula to lose weight and regain your energy.

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