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The intestinal tract can not only digest food, but also the most important immune organ of the human body. Therefore, many people will eat probiotics to maintain intestinal function, but in fact, it is more important to transform the intestinal environment and let probiotics survive well! Lu Huanyi, a Chinese medicine practitioner, said that only by supplementing probiotics without improving the intestinal environment, probiotics will not be able to survive well. It is recommended that the public maintain good bacteria in three ways: good food, good exercise, and good mood.

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3 ways to grow good gut bacteria

1. Good Food

“Good bacteria are vegetarians!” Lu Huanyi pointed out that foods high in dietary fiber can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and clean the intestines. In addition, rich phytochemicals can also boost immunity and help fight aging and disease.

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2. Good exercise

Exercise can stimulate the internal organs, improve circulation and metabolism, and increase blood supply to the intestines. For example, in the process of exercising, slow motion, etc., often involuntarily farting, it is the performance of the intestinal peristalsis.

3. good mood

Depressed mood is also linked to an unhealthy gut. It is scientifically found that the brain and the intestines will affect each other, forming the brain-gut axis; it is very consistent with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, thinking and thinking hurt the spleen, and the two are cause and effect. Depression and anxiety cause the body to release stress hormones that can alter the ratio of good bacteria in the large intestine, causing irritable bowel syndrome, sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhea.

Lu Huanyi also reminded at the end that if people want to raise good bacteria in an economical way, they might as well be more attentive in life, pay attention to good food, good exercise, good mood, maintain a healthy gut, and look young and energetic.

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