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Fran§ois Jean during an interview with “Tout le monde en parle” following the death of Patrick Bourgeois, in 2017

The drummer of the popular Quebec group Les BB, François Jean, starts Monday morning. He was 60 years old.

The his former wife and friend, Marie Carmen, in command lâ ???? announcement on Facebook Monday morning.  “I have the terrible regret to announce the death of my precious friend François Jean. My man, my brother, my love. His wife, Mà © lissa asked me to let you know, “she wrote on her page.

The news was further Confirmed in the afternoon by way of a press release, in which his wife Mouse © lissa Nadeau thanked the people who sent him the testimonies of Effect.

Fran§ois Jean was a member of the group Les BB with Patrick Bourgeois, deceased dà © dâ ???? cancer in 2017, and dâ ???? Alain Lapointe. AT

Formed at the end of the 1980s under the name of the Beaux Blonds, the trio sâ ???? was renamed Les BB in 1989, then releasing an eponymous Album. AT

Then, the group released the Snob albums, in 1991, which sâ ???? has sold more than 300,000 copies; A night with the BBs in 1993; and 3 in 1994.

The group enjoyed tremendously popular popularity in Quebec at the start of the 1990s, notably thanks to the successes Loulou, Tâ ?? A fight or appearing opportunity Give me my, before breaking up in 1994.

The trio have twice won the group’s Felix? year at the gala of the ???? ADISQ, in 1990 and in 1992.

In 2004, The BBs made a comeback with the ?? , Easy Happiness album, which will be followed by two other albums: Â Tous les succss in 2007 and Univers, in 2011. Â

In 2015, François Jean filed a lawsuit against it. AT

This same year and Alain Lapointe and Patrick Bourgeois are not going to give up a scene without Francois Jean, don’t panic about the glasses, don’t do the concert celebrating the 25 years of BB what sâ ? ??? then called the FrancoFolies de Montrà © al. AT

After the death of the singer Patrick Bourgeois in 2017, François Jean had put his differences to the date and had underlined, enrevue à Tout le monde en parle, que ca ??? ? Was above all thanks to the talent of Patrick that he was able to fulfill his dream of making music.

In January 2018, Alain Lapointe mentioned ???? Eventuality of ???? another BB tour in the coming years in interview with The Canadian Press. He specified that Ludovick Bourgeois, the son of Patrick Bourgeois who had become an artist himself, could take the place of his late father. AT

This tour nâ ???? never saw the light of day. However, this year, Alain Lapointe and Ludovick Bourgeois paid a musical tribute to Patrick Bourgeois, again without François Jean, but with Stà © phane Rousseau, during the ???? Rosso’s Mission Show hosted by the latter. AT

Publications by Some personalities have reacted on social networks in relation to the death of the ???? the artist. The son of Patrick Bourgeois, singer Ludovick Bourgeois, paid tribute to the one who had facilities during the BB era.

Jâ ?? Present with sincere condolences © ances to the family and friends of François Jean, supported the Minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, on Twitter.

The Liberal MP for Verdun, Isabelle Melançon, also shared her sadness at the ???? © guard of the departure of François Jean.

 [Câ ???? est] a great perfe for Quebec music. It ?? is with sadness that I come from ?? learn about the death of François Jean. Jâ ???? would like to offer my deepest condolences to the loved ones and family of Mr Jean, she wrote, also on Twitter.

There ???? animator and author Varda à ?? do you know ???? is on the other hand said to be sorry for the news. She writes that the BB drummer was such a friendly, talented, smiling and funny being. Â

A modern bedroom. . the death of François Jean Member of the deceased group BB pains me. Such a friendly, talented, smiling and funny person. rest in peace.

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