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Since the onset of the health crisis, numerous reviews of the scientific literature seem to confirm the interest in vitamin D supplementation, identified since 2017 by the World Health Organization as an effective method of preventing respiratory infections. One of these studies summarizes the following: “Adequate vitamin D supplementation should be applied in societies where vitamin D deficiency is common. There is nothing to lose from this implementation, and there is potentially a lot to gain. “.

At this point, the WHO does not (yet) recommend such supplements to prevent Covid-19 .. But some countries are taking the lead. For example, in England, the government has formally asked public health agencies to make recommendations for their use in a pandemic. . According to the Daily Telegraph, free doses of vitamin D should be provided to 2 million elderly and frail people, starting in December and for a period of 4 months.

In Norway, traditional cod liver oil, very rich in vitamin D, is of interest to researchers. Last week, the University of Oslo hospital invited 70,000 volunteers for the mega-study which will end in April 2021. Half of the 70,000 participants will take cod liver oil every day while the other half will receive a placebo. The participants will not be informed of the group to which they belong ”, determines which hospital wishes to evaluate the potential benefits of cod liver oil on Covid-19, but also on the flu and the common cold.

A trial is underway at the Angers University Hospital. The CoVit-Trial project, coordinated by the CHU unit and involving patients from 8 other hospitals, aims to “assess the effectiveness of high-dose vitamin D administration compared to the standard dose in elderly patients with Covid-19 ”. The clinical trial will end in early 2021 and its conclusions are eagerly awaited due to the high level of evidence this trial can provide .. No data from an interventional study available in the elderly.

In early October, in a study published in Nutrients, the CHU geriatrics team concluded that regular vitamin D supplementation in elderly, frail and hospitalized patients with Covid-19 was associated with a lower incidence. extreme and best survival. This work included 77 patients.

Find out: According to the public version of the Vidal Medical Dictionary, “An overdose of vitamin D causes nausea, headaches, muscle and bone pain, heart rhythm disturbances as well as calcium deposits in the kidneys, blood vessels, heart and lungs. Serious kidney problems can appear and be life threatening. These side effects appear as soon as the daily intake exceeds 50,000 IU, which is equivalent to 1.25 mg per day.

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EbeneMagazine – FR – Covid-19Â: Vitamin D, while waiting for the vaccine â ?? ¯?

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