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No Hell Chance, says Vince McMahon. However, the idea of ​​collecting WWE Superstars is gaining more and more attention after the Twitch affair, but what does it take to make that happen?

The question of unions in the American wrestling world is as old as the world. But WWE’s expulsion of Zelina Vega could cause waves.

Highlights: Zelina Vega was fired on Friday for refusing to follow WWE’s new rules for broadcasting activity on Twitch. Stamford prohibits his talents from broadcasting on Twitch and thus generating additional income, as well as using platforms like Cameo or OnlyFans, which also allow personalized content to be sold to the public for a fee.

The wrestler tweeted after her dismissal with a simple message that seemed to increasingly emulate behind the scenes: “I’m with the union.

A tweet that caused a backlash for SAG-AFTRA and its boss Gabrielle Carrice on Saturday – the actress who played, among others, in the Beverly Hills series. Hello Zelina Vega, Thank you for your strong support for union solidarity. You have my support. Call me “I tweeted in reaction. .

Hi Zelina_VegaWWE ​​Thank you for standing firm for worker solidarity. I encourage you. Please email me PresidentCarteris @ sagaftra. org https: // t. co / tYEiiFhB9S

The SAG-AFTRA (American Federation of Screen Actors Association of Television and Radio Artists) is a very strong association in the world of American entertainment and entertainment with more than 160 employees working there. 000 Media (TV, cinema, video games , advertisements, radio or music).

This gives its members access to two multiple benefits such as 100% health coverage, a pension fund and a retirement plan. SAG members can also take the opportunity to negotiate their employment contracts under the best conditions and access a professional database of names and companies in the sector.

A union to which wrestling talent does not belong. The federation itself has always refused to include the wrestling community in its fold, in part because it is seen more as a sport than a hobby, but also because of the greater risk of injury to wrestlers who might reduce their weight. Much of the cost of health coverage provided by SAG.

But it seems the tide has turned within SAG. After tweeting it, Wrestling Inc. asked Gabrielle Carteris about the potential of WWE Superstars:

Wrestling is as much media as it is sport, and we will be talking directly with members of this profession to find a way to protect ourselves.

As more people reinvest in unions and more workers are harassed by employers who do not want to protect them, SAG-AFTRA is committed to doing everything possible to help them. Wrestlers get the protection they deserve.

I think this approach might work, and if you ask wrestlers, “How many of you would like to join the Screen Actors Guild?” “I think you will see all hands up because SAG offers very good protection to actors and actresses who appear on TV every day or every week. It suits you, if you are a wrestler you play a role, you are given stories and plots, in some cases you are given a script, you practice and you perform in front of a television audience. .

[Superstars] should be part of SAG which means a big change for the industry. The struggle has remained in the shadows when it comes to being included in organizations like SAG due to its roots, but if you look at today’s reality it’s the many hours of scripted TV programming. which are broadcast every year .. Week, wrestling talents. They should therefore be able, if necessary, to claim their membership in the SAG and benefit from all protective measures. .

Andrew Young hinted last September that if Joe Biden were elected President of the United States, he would ask the Secretary of State for Labor to handle WWE’s case and its employment contracts … independent. Those same contracts hit the headlines in 2018 after John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show that won Stamford on several occasions.

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Several wrestling personalities like Renee Paquette, Paige, Maria Kanellis and Ryback reacted after Zelina Vega’s dismissal. “This generation of wrestlers can’t handle the bullshit anymore. Not a single man will ever make his fortune on our broken back. Twitter Mike Bennett, recently downloaded from Stamford. . “Are you okay VinceMcMahon?” Do you feel nervous after winning Biden? check.

But few superstars are currently under contract, for reasons one can guess, dares to comment on the subject. Only Paige had expressed a few weeks ago her disgust with the new rules of the WWE concerning the use of platforms like Twitch. .

Sadly, letting WWE Superstars and other televised wrestling talent protect themselves with SAG-AFTRA can’t be done in a jiffy. . First, WWE or the company in question must agree to become a “co-production”.

In a perfect world, this would allow Superstars to enjoy all the benefits of SAG and, on the other hand, WWE could gain access to all the top talent inductees there, provided a number of rules were followed. Dictated by SAG. SAG registered talents usually refuse to work with unregistered products there. .

This is where you get in the way, you don’t have to be more than a wrestling fan to know that Vince McMahon won’t agree to follow rules he didn’t set for himself. -same – same in. Add to that an executive who recently joined the WWE Board of Directors earlier this year is former Barstool Sports President Erika Nardini, a company known for challenging the National Labor Relations Board – which monitors compliance with American workers – to threaten to fire employees who wanted to join him. To unions.

The ball is at WWE Superstars Stadium, the only people who can pressure WWE and Vince McMahon to become a co-production team.

Note that only talent from WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, or any other company with a TV show can qualify. Independent wrestling is not affected, but other entertainment leagues exist. and are undoubtedly appropriate.

Some Superstars were or are members of SAG. They include Sasha Banks, The Miz, John Cena, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and Kevin Nash. What They Have in Common: They have all been at some point in their careers as actors in various movies or series or on TV shows outside of WWE, which has earned them membership. . It is enough to have worked more than three days in union production to be able to become a member. Unfortunately, they cannot take advantage of Federation benefits as part of their work in WWE. .

Attempts to bring WWE into the SAG fold have been made in the past, but they were all thwarted when Vince McMahon found out. Hulk Hogan also reportedly halted several of the organizing plans himself in warning Vince McMahon that a vote was about to take … This allowed Stamford to fire the organizers and intimidate others.

Could Zelina Vega be the starting point of a trade union movement in the world of struggle? Time will tell, but the screws may tighten around WWE and the increasingly restrictive freelance contracts offered by Vince McMahon …

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