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On Saturday, November 21, Bungie will open the doors to Destiny 2’s next raid, Deep Stone Crypt, which is part of the Beyond the Light Expansion. The raid will be officially open from 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 1:00 p.m. Eastern. From that point on, the race begins as the Guardians attempt to clinch the world premiere title and belt.

To help prepare players for Deep Stone Crypt, the developers have offered some tips. It will take the right equipment to successfully complete the raid, including some restrictions.

By Saturday, the Guardians will need to train with their teammates and work to ensure their gear is up to the adventure. Those who manage to complete Deep Stone Crypt by 9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm EST on 1st December will be able to purchase the Europa-Ready Raid Jacket in the Bungie Store using Bungie Rewards.

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