EbeneMagazine – US – George Clooney Adore Watching Chrissy Teigen Applaud On Trolls Online


The 59-year-old actor and director opened up to GQ in his last interview and revealed that he really enjoys reading his clapbacks to trolls on social media.

George casually mentions Chrissy by name as he talks about his own reputation for not being afraid to stand up for himself and says he has written a lot of angry letters in his lifetime.

“I actually have these piles of letters and things that my assistant calls George Versus the World,” he says, but he “has a lot more fun watching Chrissy Teigen. ”

“Someone walks into his world and you say, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t do that, man. “It’s so much fun,” adds George. “Like someone who thinks he’s really smart, and you just say, ‘Ugh, man. You brought a knife to a shootout. ”

Chrissy got her fair share of applause against trolls and haters online. Most recently, she blocked over a million Twitter users for this reason.

Elsewhere in George’s rare interview, he revealed which other celebrity is on his own list of “haters”. See who it is here …

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EbeneMagazine – USA – George Clooney Loves Watching Chrissy Teigen Clap On Trolls Online

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