Ebola: A global vaccine reserve created to overcome it!

500,000 doses. This is the number of vaccines that Gavi Vaccine Alliance to announce gather at the global level to fight effectively against the virus Ebola. The idea? ” Help prevent deaths and quickly end epidemics in the future “Seth Berkley, Gavi managing director told AFP. Stored in Basel in Switzerland, this global emergency reserve should be constituted ” in a few years “. A strike force that could allow populations to be rapidly immunized against this disease, which manifests itself in fever, muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea, rashes, kidney failure or internal bleeding, and of which the death rate is around 50%. ” [Il] can reach 90% of people infected during certain epidemics “, Specifies all the same AFP. To effectively fight against this deadly disease, the international organization has announced to make the emergency reserve available free of charge to countries ” low and middle income ». « These countries will also benefit from support for the operational costs of organizing a vaccination program. », Specifies Agence France Presse. As a reminder, it was after a particularly deadly epidemic, which began in December 2013 in Guinea, then in Liberia and Sierra Leone, that a boost to the development of the Ebola vaccine was given. ” [Cet épisode a] set a precedent for the accelerated development and production of Covid-19 vaccine “Seth Berkley told AFP. In all, the WHO estimates that this epidemic alone caused the death of 11,300 people, out of the 29,000 recorded cases. A massacre, which has found an echo in some many other epidemic episodes, which the whole world hopes to see ended with the vaccine. To find out more, go to here !

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