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Your daily life is falling apart, allergic rhinitis / EBS ‘myung’

Today (February 25, Friday) in EBS ‘Myung’ <당신의 일상이 무너진다, 알레르기비염> episode is broadcast

Pollen, house dust mites, and sometimes even sweet fruits are allergens that some people should avoid. Allergic rhinitis, the most representative disease caused by allergies, is a representative disease in developed countries. It is now so common that about 20% of the adult population suffers from it.

Allergic rhinitis begins with runny nose, stuffy nose, and sneezing, and goes beyond discomfort and eventually destroys daily life. It starts with mild symptoms and causes various complications, and if not treated in time, it can progress to asthma, which can be life-threatening.

Allergic rhinitis and asthma, which do not improve with either treatment alone. How should we deal with it?

EBS name <당신의 일상이 무너진다, 알레르기비염> In this part, we will look into questions about allergic rhinitis with Professor Cho Sang-heon of Allergy Internal Medicine, who has been researching allergic diseases for over 40 years.

Your daily life is falling apart, allergic rhinitis / EBS 'myung'
Your daily life is falling apart, allergic rhinitis / EBS ‘myung’

◆ Discomfort, more suffocating pain – allergic rhinitis

The typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis are sneezing, runny nose, and stuffy nose. Symptoms may persist in certain seasons or throughout the year. The clear runny nose flows like water, and the nose is often blown off, and the person complains of a loss of concentration due to sniffing. If allergic rhinitis persists for a long time, post-nasal drip and decreased sense of smell also appear. A lump may form in the nose, and a space in the facial bones connected to the nose called the sinuses may also become inflamed.

When sinusitis (sinusitis), a typical complication of allergic rhinitis, develops, breathing becomes difficult, and a feeling of something on the face causes a severe headache. Symptoms that are difficult to guess by those who have not experienced it. Numerous allergic rhinitis patients suffer from simple discomfort in their daily life.

◆ What prevents comfortable breathing?

A male patient in his 50s who has suffered from allergic rhinitis for 10 years. Following a runny nose and stuffy nose, 5 years ago, it became difficult to even smell. He went to the hospital to determine the allergen. He conducted an allergic reaction test by dropping 55 types of allergens on the skin and seeing the reaction. If you are allergic to certain substances, your skin will turn red and swell like a mosquito bite. What kind of substance was the problem for this patient?

Allergic disease, also known as ‘disease in developed countries’. Although the number of patients is increasing, allergens are still unknown. Sometimes the specific allergen that causes the allergy is not known, so the patient’s internal factors should also be looked at. Find out why allergies occur, and introduce substances that cause allergic rhinitis.

◆ Is there a sibling disease of allergic rhinitis?-Allergic asthma

A male patient in his 60s who had suffered from allergic rhinitis for over 20 years. Not long ago, I even started allergic asthma. He choked and woke up several times in his sleep, feeling life threatening. Asthma causes severe coughing and shortness of breath, leading to decreased lung function. Because it is easy to breathe, it even limits daily life.

The two diseases are closely related to the extent that most asthma patients suffer from allergic rhinitis. Even with treatment, it is difficult to improve symptoms by treating only one disease. The relationship between the two diseases, also called ‘brother’s disease’, and how to treat the symptoms can be improved.

◆ Find out the cause and treat it comprehensively

Allergic rhinitis starts with the detection of allergens. Basically, medication is used, but in addition to drug treatment, avoidance therapy to actively avoid allergens and washing the nose are very helpful. Asthma has recently increased in patients with marked improvement in symptoms through biologics and immunotherapy that enhance safety and guarantee good effects. Since each individual is a disease with various symptoms and causative substances, appropriate lifestyle and treatment methods must be applied.

EBS <명의-당신의 일상이 무너진다, 알레르기비염>In this article, we will look at various cases with Professor Cho Sang-heon, an allergist, and introduce the causes and treatments of allergic rhinitis.

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