Echoes Of The Eye, Le DLC D’Outer Wilds, Est Sorti

More than two years after its release, Outer Wilds gets a first (and surely last) DLC, named Echoes of the Eye. In case your memory fails you, Outer Wilds is a wonderful space exploration game developed by Mobius Digital, not to be confused with the very average RPG Obsidian Entertainment, released the same year, that was The Outer Worlds. Echoes of the Eye therefore invites you to put on your cosmonaut suit and get back into your little space shuttle, in order to explore the solar system again in search of answers :

What lies at the heart of the sinister Dark Bramble? Who built the alien ruins on the moon? Is it possible to stop the infinite time loop?

Echoes of the Eye is available on Steam and theEGS for around 11 €. And if you’ve never touched Outer Wilds, that you like mysterious mysteries and that you are not against the idea of ​​leaving your shotgun in the closet, I can only advise you to read our test, then to acquire at least the base game, currently in promotion, and available for a dozen euros on the of them platforms mentioned above.

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