Ecolo calls on other parties to “action” on climate issues

2023-09-24 16:53:53

At a conference in Wallonia, Jean-Marc Nollet is pushing other political parties to accelerate the pace towards 100% renewables.

Ecolo launches the campaign with a message: “100% renewable is feasible and cheaper“, insisted this Sunday the co-president of Ecolo Jean-Marc Nollet on the occasion of the Walloon congress of the party organized in Liège. “We have the knowledge, the materials and the financing that can be mobilized. It allows everyone to have access to affordable energy. Scientists are clear, the cost of inaction is five times higher than the cost of action. What we present politically is simply common sense“, he summarized.

“And I say to the traditional parties, why are you not moving towards this? Why are you so hesitant?”

Jean-Marc Nollet

Co-president of Ecolo

Behind this message, Jean-Marc Nollet is addressing other political parties.”And I say to the traditional parties, why don’t you move towards this? Why are you so hesitant? Listen to what science says! Let’s take action, amplifying and accelerating this action!”

The Walloon Ecolo congress, organized under the leadership of Walloon MP Olivier Biérin, was devoted to energy policies. “We have climate objectives for 2030 and 2050, but we need an action plan to achieve themand we need regulation that supports this action plan”, noted the latter. “The State must invest faster and stronger in the energy transition”, added Jean-Marc Nollet. “More than 80% of the responsibility (for the energy transition) is in the hands of the State, which must make the ecological choice the most obvious, simple, accessible, less expensive and which inspires the most…”

“With environmentalists, it’s better”

Several proposals, mainly in terms of housing and mobility, were made: implement major renovation projects by neighborhood with targeting towards disadvantaged populations, extend to SNCB the targeted free policy started at STIB and TEC, continue the reform of the European energy market, help businesses via sector agreements. “With environmentalists, it’s better! Where we are members of the executives, we have significantly led the way“, estimated for his part the Walloon Minister of Climate Philippe Henry.

Addressing the co-presidents of Groen Nadia Naji and Jeremie Vaneeckout, present in Liège, Jean-Marc Nollet pointed out the delay, in his eyes, by the Flemish Region.because the greens are not in government“Faced with climate change, every 0.1°C counts, he defended, welcoming the work of environmental ministers in the federal and regional majorities.

“We have climate objectives for 2030 and 2050, but we need an action plan to achieve them.”

Jean-Marc Nollet

Co-president of Ecolo

To formulate these proposals, French-speaking ecologists based themselves in particular on the work of Mark Jacobson, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University (United States). Received on Sunday in Liège, he published a study in 2022 in the journal Energy & Environmental Science. It concluded that, in 145 countries, the transition to energy based entirely on wind, hydro, solar and storage would be profitable in less than 10 years and would create 28 million jobs worldwide. The proposals presented on Sunday will be submitted to the federation council next Decemberwhere the party program will be adopted for the next elections in June 2024. The program will include some 500 proposals, announced Jean-Marc Nollet.

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