Ecological integrity in health and wellness

Mexico City /

For: Enrique Martinez Meyer

Illustration: Daniela Martín del Campo, courtesy of Nexos

Never before in human history have we had so much knowledge about how things work in the world, yet we do not use it to our advantage. On the contrary, most of the people and societies with the greatest influence on global socioeconomic dynamics continue to be determined to operate under the paradigm that nature is there to serve us in order to satisfy the basic and superfluous needs of a human population. increasingly numerous, demanding and insatiable. We think that we have the supreme right to do with natural resources, including other living beings, what is best for us as a society or, rather, what is best for the dominant sector of the population. However, this way of seeing life is counterproductive for humanity. There are already many signs that tell us — loudly — that the socio-environmental situation is at a defining moment for the future of the planet. A closer and more uncertain future than we could foresee a few years ago.

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