Economic bankruptcy and civil war at Barça

The background is political, the war is succession, but the reality is economic. Since the income was cut off, the coronavirus has exposed the disastrous management of the president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and the managers he wants to purge are those who have warned him that his waste has put the future of the entity in doubt . The presidential reaction took place the same day that the FBI announced that it has proof of the fit with which the World Cup venues in Russia and Qatar were decided. The shadow of Sandro Rosell once again overshadows Barça.

The accounts of the club years ago were on the tightrope, but the day-to-day income hid the extremely fragile structure. Without a sports or business model, Bartomeu’s Barcelona spent everything it earned to satisfy the uncontrolled voracity of representatives, players and coaches. In contrast to Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester United, which generate profit; and not exactly English, but much more prudent management of Florentino Pérez at the helm of Real Madrid, Barça is the greatest exponent of a club that depends on daily collection, and the confinement is leaving him with water on his neck. The managers who wanted to lead the continuity bid are all entrepreneurs and are used to managing companies that work. They are Emili Rosaud (Factor Energía), Quique Tombas (Suma Capital), Josep Pont (Borges), and Silvio Elías (Caprabo, Veritas) and the four have reminded the President that if they end the term with losses they will have to face them with their assets , and they have demanded a much more severe saving, such as the one carried out by Juventus, for example, and which amounts to 90 million euros, compared to the 16 that Bartomeu has scratched from the salary reduction of the players of the first team (14) and the other sports sections (2). In addition, the privilege of not having to present guarantees that are granted to continuity candidacies disappears if there were losses in the total of his mandate.

The chopped invoices that Jaume Masferrer presented, to circumvent the control of the board in the payment of services to I3 Ventures, “the internet hitmen” who since the club’s presidency hired themselves to insult their own players, was the drop that He broke the glass in this story of lack of criteria, excessive spending on wrong goals, struggle for power and the tight control of the club that Bartomeu and Rosell want to perpetuate in order to defend themselves from within when the second part of the trial is held by the “Neymar case”, the trial for the espionage of Jaume Roures, and when the FBI presents the evidence that it has finally been able to collect on the bribes for the election of Russia and Qatar as the venues for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

Bartomeu intends to enroll and lead the club through the delegated commission, surrounded by mediocre people with no other ambition than to remain in office, and to that end they give him reason and do not discuss how many irregularities he has to commit to protect himself himself, to protect Rosell – as he did in 2016, when he forced the club to be declared the author of two crimes against the Treasury, so that he and his friend were exonerated – and when the time came, to make up the certain losses that the entity will present with the excuse of the break for the coronavirus, but that they will have been the fault of an unpresentable management, and knowing that it really was, with the sole purpose of serving as a cover for dark interests. There are few alternatives left to Barcelona, ​​especially if the current misgovernment persists, as it seems it will. Bartomeu’s remaining term in office is a sinister omen: bankruptcy is more than just a rumor, the internal civil war will generate uncertainty and chaos, and the most serious problems will continue unresolved.

Cornered by a very expensive, aged squad with which he maintains a terrible relationship of covert insults and leaks to the press; For an economic abyss that grows with each passing day, and for a disturbing judicial horizon, Bartomeu only wants to save his skin and drowns Barça in the worst crisis in its history. .

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