Economic reactivation under the name of Feria 65


What type of activities will take place at Feria 65 in Manizales? It is not yet known because there is no official schedule and no release date. What is clear is that the event will take place in the middle of this year as it was postponed in January due to the increase in infections by covid-19.

What they intend, according to Camilo Naranjo, manager in charge of the Manizales Institute of Culture and Tourism, is to carry out “an exercise in economic reactivation under the name of Feria 65” to help the sector that has traditionally been dedicated to holding the Fair.

He added that for the moment the approach is virtual and clarified that what will be carried out will not resemble what was done during Manizales’ 171 birthday, but will be directed to carry out workshops, masks, dresses, among others, in order to start an exercise of appropriation of the city with the event that would be more economical when using resources of the Nation and sponsors.

When asked how much is the estimated investment, he declared that he could not give information because he is pending the approval of the virtual events by the health authorities. However, on the Caracol Radio Manizales website he stated “that the national government has already managed to manage $ 400 million, of which 80% have already been sent to the entity for the event. In addition, they will take into account local artists who will also they have suffered the crisis of recent months due to lack of contracts and events “.


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