Economy and health on the menu of Moroccan dailies

Posted on 11.25.2021 at 10:18 am by APA

The Moroccan dailies published this Thursday focus on a number of subjects including the 2022 finance bill, anti-Covid drugs and the kick-off of the 2nd edition of the International HIV Testing Week. + The Economist + reports that the CGEM tax commission held a new meeting on Wednesday. A final meeting is scheduled for Friday with the CGEM tax commission to finalize around thirty proposals which will have to be submitted the same day to the Chamber of Advisors.

The CGEM parliamentary group will table a variety of amendment proposals. The employers will insist on five priority measures, in particular the reduction of the marginal rate of the CIT from 31% to 30%, the over-taxation of the imports of finished products, a tax dedicated to the SME, the extension of the exemption of the tax. IR for the first contract and the lowering of the minimum contribution.

+ Opinion + informs that laboratories are announcing, one after the other, new anti-Covid-19 drugs which have been proven in the first clinical trials.

For its part, Morocco began the quest for the life-saving remedy by entering into negotiations with the American Merck to acquire Molnupiravir, an antiviral in pill form.

The Scientific Committee is closely monitoring this dossier, while preparing to approve the new drug in the coming weeks. Saïd Moutouakil, member of the Scientific Committee, told the newspaper that the new drug from the American laboratory will be approved in Morocco soon.

+ Al Bayane + indicates that the Enlarged Scientific Committee has called for massive support for the national vaccination campaign in order to avoid any resurgence of Covid-19 cases in winter.

During a communication meeting, the committee stressed the need to be vigilant to prevent a possible deterioration of the epidemiological situation, but also with regard to the rumors circulating about vaccines. Vaccination remains the ideal solution to progress towards collective immunity and the return to normal life, he assured.

+ Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki + points out that the Association for the Fight against AIDS (ALCS) kicked off the 2nd edition of the International HIV Testing Week in Morocco on Monday evening in Casablanca, on the initiative Coalition PLUS, an international network for the fight against HIV and viral hepatitis.

Throughout the week, the association will offer information, awareness and screening actions for HIV, viral hepatitis B and C, as well as STIs, free of charge, in complete confidentiality and security.

This screening campaign, which is being held from 22 to 28 November in more than 100 sites in nearly 50 cities of the Kingdom, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and UNAIDS, is the first step in containing the HIV epidemic and stem the deaths linked to this virus, by allowing people to know their serological status and to start treatment as soon as possible, said Prof. Mehdi Karkouri, president of the ALCS in a statement to the press. , cited by the publication.

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