Economy: Switzerland remains popular for foreigners starting a business


EconomySwitzerland remains popular for foreigners starting a business

The number of business creations fell slightly in 2022, but the share of foreign managers has jumped.

Zurich is one of the regions of the country that has seen the number of new businesses created increase further.

20min/Marco Zangger

The number of new companies registered in the commercial register in Switzerland in 2022 amounts to 49,794, down slightly (-1.5%) compared to 2021, according to the survey carried out by “” this Saturday. This slight decline is to be put down to “the war in Europe, the disturbances in the energy markets and the crash of cryptocurrencies”, estimates the online platform.

Good news, however: Switzerland has retained a relative attractiveness. The share of new companies led by foreigners has increased from 35% in 2021 to 40% in 2022. “This significant increase is undoubtedly explained by the fact that the Swiss economy recovered quickly and well after the pandemic, even more if we compare with other countries”, says Mattia Piccoli of, quoted in the press release. Switzerland has mainly attracted German entrepreneurs. French, Italians and Kosovars were then the most represented nationalities.

The regions of the country have not all experienced the same evolution. Central Switzerland and the North-West region were more impacted, while Zurich saw the number of new companies created increase further. The trade, IT and crafts sectors have experienced the strongest growth.

The platform expects the “mixed mood” perceived in 2022 to continue in 2023, with a possible slowdown in the Swiss economy, although a recession is not on the agenda with certainty.


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