ECOWAS gives a new ultimatum to the military and brandishes the threat of a total embargo if a civilian is not appointed to lead the transition (Colonel Major Wagué, CNSP spokesperson)

Back from Accra, the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP), as announced by Dakaractu, reported on the discussions it had with the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community from West African States on the emerging transition in Mali.

From the outset, Colonel-Major Ismaël Wagué who led this face-to-face meeting with journalists in Kati, at the Junta Headquarters, will let it be known that their trip on Tuesday, September 15 to Accra was motivated by two things: “to share with the heads of state of ECOWAS, the conclusions of national consultations and see with them the lifting of sanctions on Mali ”.

For the first point, the soldiers report having told ECOWAS that they are in favor of a military transition insofar as the “majority” have gone in this direction ”. A proposal rejected by ECOWAS which did not hesitate to brandish threats to obtain the designation of a civilian at the head of the Transition.

Colonel Major Wagué indicates in this regard that the Heads of State even gave the CNSP an ultimatum of one week to comply. Otherwise, he adds, ECOWAS does not rule out shifting into high gear and imposing a total embargo on Mali already partially under economic asphyxiation.

Remember that the economic sanctions did not concern basic foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and hydrocarbons.

To these injunctions from the sub-regional organization, the CNSP says it was unable to respond on the spot.


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