Ecuador block Brazil’s victory; Equilibrium

Brazil finished the group stage with 10 points from four games

Copa America 2021: Ecuador ends Brazil’s victory in Copa America. The current champions were held to a draw. Both teams scored one goal each in regulation time. Eder Milito scored for Brazil and Angel Mena for Ecuador.

The Canaries started the game by attacking their opponents as usual. In the 20th minute, superstar Neymar squandered his golden opportunity inside the box. Five minutes later, a shot from outside the box by Lucas Pequeta bounced off the post.

But we did not have to wait long for the first goal. To Everton’s free kick box. Eder easily bounced up and flipped the ball over his head. The ball into the left corner of the goal net. Brazil ahead.

However, Ecuador struck back in the 53rd minute. The goal was found through a beautiful game. Ecuador’s corner was blocked by Brazilian goalkeeper Allison.

But the Ecuadorian players turned the ball over with their heads three times. Finally from Valencia to Mena. The first shot overtook Allison. Draw goal.

Neymar and his team then made several attempts to score the winning goal but were unable to overcome the Ecuadorian defensive line. Brazil finished the group stage with 10 points from four games. For Ecuador to settle for a place in the quarterfinals with a draw.

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