Ecuador will partially recount votes after accusation of fraud | International

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The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Ecuador announced Friday that it will partial vote count of the presidential election after the request of the two candidates who fight for the second quota for the ballot.

The left indigenous leader Yaku perez and the right-wing banker Guillermo Lasso raised the tally after going head-to-head for second place, behind the socialist economist Andres Arauz in the elections last Sunday.

“100% of the vote in the province of Guayas will be reviewed,” with the largest electorate of the 24 in the country, and “50% of the vote in 16 provinces,” said the president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, at a press conference in Quito.

He added that “once the review process is finished, the final declaration of results will be made.”

Pérez, who requested the recount in the 24 provinces of the nation, and Lasso spoke to the CNE on Friday, in a meeting attended by international observers.

The electoral body made the decision to recount the votes when the preliminary scrutiny reached 99.99% of the electoral records processed on Friday, of which 0.31% must be reviewed for inconsistencies such as the lack of signatures of the polling station members. vote recipients.

Pérez obtained 19.38% of the vote, after being moved to third place on Wednesday by Lasso, who registered 19.74%.

The first round was won by Arauz, 36 years old and the dolphin of former socialist president Rafael Correa (2007-2017), with 32.70% of the votes.


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