Edersee only half as full as a year ago: boatmen worried

Dhe relatively dry winter puts shipping on the Oberweser into an exceptional situation. Due to low water, the river has to be supported with water from the Edersee in northern Hesse in January. That is unusual for this time of year, said a spokesman for the waterways and shipping office in Hann in Lower Saxony. Münden. The problem: the Edersee is also comparatively empty. Without heavy rainfall, the conflict over the reservoir water could worsen.

The water is a political issue. Because on the one hand it is important for tourism and water sports in the North Hessian holiday region. On the other hand, it should also flow into the Upper Weser via Eder and Fulda. There are ferries, ship transports and tourist shipping.

Hold water in the Edersee for a long time

That is why there has been a struggle for years about how much water flows through the dam at what time. The usual procedure: in winter the lake fills up. In the summer, the water is then gradually released. The current strategy is to keep water in the Edersee for as long as possible. Lower water levels of 1.15 meters are accepted for the Weser.

But this economy mode is already necessary in winter. The Edersee was only 35 percent full recently. That corresponded to around 70 million cubic meters of water. According to the Waterways and Shipping Office, it was twice that amount a year ago.

Fallen dry: the Edersee in autumn. Even at the moment it has far too little water

Image: Reuters

Rolf-Jürgen Foellmer cannot remember a situation like this. He is chairman of the Oberweser / Eder-Diemelsee interest group in Holzminden, Lower Saxony. Even if the Weser has been supported with water from the Edersee for a few days, it was not enough for gravel extraction in the end. This is done on the Weser with floating dredgers. Transport was also only possible with special ships and smaller quantities.


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