Edgar Berlanga knocked out Bellows and there are already 15 knockouts in a row in the first round

Edgar Berlanga knocked out Lanell Bellows in less than two minutes of fighting Saturday night, and he racked up 15 knockouts in a row in the first round.

Determined, firm, and just cold enough to execute his fight plan from the beginning, Berlanga got a new triumph.

Little could do Bellows to stop the offensive might of his opponent, who advanced like a bulldozer on his humanity.

The Puerto Rican connected several combinations, and ended the fight with a right-wing crusader that hit the jaw of his rival.

“I’m a fucking monster!” He exclaimed The Chosen One, standing on the ropes in his corner, after the referee stopped the contest.

Edgar Berlanga’s punch

Of his 15 victories, Edgar berlanga they all finished in the opening round, which is often referred to as a perfect record.

Therefore, along with other skills, is that Berlanga he’s considered one of the most exciting prospects at super middleweight.

It had not been officially presented since last July 21, when he defeated Eric Moon in 55 seconds of action.

Here is the list of the most knockouts in the first round to start a professional career, where Berlanga already accumulates 15.

Another fall for Bellows

New loss for Lanell Bellows, who fell in 4 of his last 10 appearances, to bring his numbers to 20-6-3, with 13 fast track wins.

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