Edouard Philippe “welcomes” questions from LRM deputies on the “cost” of the reform

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at a press conference in Matignon on February 13. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP

Everything is fine between the government and the majority – that’s what Edouard Philippe wants to display. The Prime Minister assured him on Thursday, February 13, saying ” be delighted “ than “The deputies of the majority (…) share his permanent attention to questions of financial balance “ of the pension system, after two of them wrote to him to clarify the budgetary impact of the reform.

Asked after a meeting in Matignon with the unions on the pension reform, Edouard Philippe stressed that he was “réjouissai[t] very much that the elements of financial responsibility for the reform are borne and taken into account by two eminent personalities of the majority ”. Yes “Paying too much attention to these questions of financial balance and this financial responsibility” may have been charged, this letter shows, according to him, that today “The deputies of the majority” share his point of view.

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister on Tuesday, two pillars (La République en Marche, LRM) of the finance committee of the National Assembly, Emilie Cariou (Meuse) and Laurent Saint-Martin (Val-de-Marne), listed their questions about “Compensation measures” envisaged to support the reform for the various populations concerned (teachers-researchers, lawyers in particular) and whose methods and cost are not yet known.

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MPs “do their job”

For the time being, ” it is all is well, madam la marquise. But nothing is clear “, then lamented Mme Cariou. In private, several members of the finance committee have regretted, in recent weeks, not having been asked more to sift through the government text.

The Prime Minister indicated that he replied to “A certain number of subjects raised by this letter”, citing the question of the “Teacher compensation” who must be the subject of a “Massive revaluation”. He also felt that he would have the opportunity to respond ” point by point “ to the questions asked by the two deputies in its “Numerous exchanges” with parliamentarians.

Stanislas Guerini, delegate general of LRM, estimated on CNews that the two deputies are “Deputies of the finance committee who do their job as deputies: they ask for clarification on this or that point of the reform (…). It’s the job of MPs to do that. “.

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