Eduardo Gatti denounces unauthorized use of “Los Momentos” by Kast

The singer-songwriter Eduardo Gatti denounced that the presidential candidate Jose Antonio Kast is using his song “The moments” for your campaign without the corresponding authorization.

Through a publication on social networks, the Chilean musician indicated that “I have never authorized the use, least of all the adulteration of a song of mine for a political campaign, whatever color it may be. “According to his testimony, the subject is used in a video that the former deputy’s team has viralized via WhatsApp.

In this sense, Gatti considers “very bad taste to appropriate and shamelessly alter the lyrics of a song that, at this point, is heritage not only mine but all Chileans“.

“José Antonio is walking calmly towards La Moneda”, says this version of the campaign that even has the voice of the candidate.

“It is a truism to mention that no person, candidate or not, can use and modify a work at will without requesting the corresponding authorization from the author of the same. We the authors have the moral right over our works, which empowers us to decide whether whether or not we accept certain uses, “concluded the national singer-songwriter.


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