Eduardo López repudiated the political use that Mauricio …

The union secretary of CTERA and teacher Eduardo López repudiation the exhotation of the former president Mauricio Macri to what schools reopen despite of the increasing number of infections of coronavirus and that the country, according to the Minister of Health Ginés González García, is at “high risk health. “The union leader appealed to his Twitter account to spread his opinion about the posting of the former president titled: “Open the schools“. “Macri-Trump. Same campaign, same results“, posted the leader.

Mauricio Macri got up this Thursday wanting to prevent “a generation” from being lost due to the absence of face-to-face classes as a result of the coronavirus and to think that the Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, has already said that he is working with all the provinces so that in as the epidemiological situation allows in 2021 face-to-face classes will return, published a long text in his Facebook account in which, among other things, he called on his followers to “stop a state that seeks to make control permanent.”

The UTE Deputy Secretary General did not seem surprised by what clearly appears to him to be a Together for Change strategy modeled on that used by the outgoing president of the United States in the midst of a pandemic. Why when the deputy head of the Buenos Aires government, Diego Santilli, said this Monday at a press conference that on February 17 the City’s schools were going to open regardless of the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus, López tweeted a comparison along the same lines: “Santilli imitating Trump and using education to do politics. Shameful. “

The Buenos Aires unions have not yet ruled on Larreta’s proposal, which by the way is experiencing a coronavirus picture, but in light of the tweets that López has been publishing, it will not be easy to convince at least the most important union in number of a return to presence independent of the number of infected and deceased and if all the schools in the City are not in adequate conditions to guarantee the care protocols. Until now, the re-linking experiences that the Buenos Aires government did with the students generated infections.


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