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Eduin Caz worries after being hospitalized in an emergency: PHOTO

Because 2021 was the best year for Grupo Firme, More frequently, information about this group circulates on social networks, which has become consolidated as one of the most popular gangs. famous of the regional Mexican genre and that has also given much to talk about after premiering a song next to the successful urban artist Maluma.

However, less than a month after Grupo Firme premiered the song “Cada Quien”, now the entertainment industry has come to a standstill after be made known that Eduin Caz, vocalist of Grupo Firme, is hospitalized.

Eduin Caz hospitalized in emergency

The news that has alarmed to his thousands of fans was made known through social networks of the singer’s wife, Daisy Anahy, who through her account of Instagram He uploaded a photo that immediately caused a sensation.

In this postcard, Eduin Caz can be seen on the stretcher of a hospital, and although she did not reveal details of what happened to the singer, the truth is that it is considered serious, because she wrote “First of all, God, everything is fine.” accompanied with a crying and prayer emoji.

What happened to Eduin Caz?

Although no information has been released official Regarding what led the singer to be hospitalized, the truth is that through his personal Instagram account, the vocalist recently published a history where he revealed that both he and his baby were ill, and although he did not confirm it, it is believed to be due to issues respiratory, same that would have aggravated and that now they have the famous in the hospital.

It is known that weather conditions at times of winter are crucial for the famous, who revealed through a video he posted on his social networks that he suffers from asthma.

This is because he announced that during these dates he usually uses the mask of oxygen because their breathing often presents complications due to changes in temperature:

“ That I am going to have Covid! … no, I do not have Covid, lie, that is totally false. My true fans know that the cold kills me because I have asthma, ” he revealed on his Instagram account on December 23.

Information in development …


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