Edwin Luna, branded “current” for using his wife’s thong as a mouthpiece

Monterrey, Nuevo Len.-As has become customary, singer Edwin Luna is giving something to talk about on social networks due to a recent video ofInstagramwhere it is shown with a peculiarmouthguards.

The clip was shared in a story by his wife, Kimberly Flores, and it shows the vocalist of La Trakalosa de Monterrey covering his face with a thong from his wife’s bikini.

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This caused the laughter of the users in the comments section, but there were those who leftsevere criticismEdwin, as he was pointed out as “vulgar” and even “naco”.

These were some of the comments:

Does it bring a different smell? Hahahaha to cod surely.

Vulgar that dwarf, just like the little woman.

Poor, he wants to be seen.

He likes the smell of shrimp.

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Poor guy…He’s a loser, I do not see those of MS Julin lvarez or El Recodo doing such disgusting.

I don’t know why, but that woman gives as a disgust.

This guy instead of being funny,is hateful and falls on the vulgar and gross.

They no longer know how to draw those infidels to attention.

Source:Instagram @edwinlunat



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