effervescent products are bad for the heart

A new study has just shown that effervescent drugs composed of salt (sodium) are not good for the heart.

Medicines are essential to treat populations. However, some of them can have long-term negative effects. A new study has just revealed that the drugs with added sodiuma compound of salt, in order to make them effervescent could have adverse health effects. Indeed, regular consumption of these could exceed the recommended 2 grams of salt each day. This recommendation emphasizes that above this dose, salt consumption is dangerous for health and can cause cardiovascular diseases.

Regular consumption of effervescent drugs is dangerous for health

Introducing their work, the researchers explain: Previous studies have shown that high sodium intake is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in people with hypertension. In contrast, data regarding the effect of effervescence intake in people without hypertension have so far all been equivocal. “. Led by the team of Chinese professor Chao Zeng, this study followed the effects of taking effervescent or non-effervescent paracetamol over 300,000 people over the age of 60.

After a year of observations, they concluded that among participants with hypertension, 122 cardiovascular diseases occurred among the 4,532 individuals who started taking sodium-containing paracetamol, compared with 3,051 among the 146,866 people who started taking paracetamol. paracetamol that does not contain sodium. This represents a one-year risk of 5.6% for people taking paracetamol with sodium, compared to 4.6% for others.

Among people without hypertension, 105 cardiovascular diseases occurred among the 5,351 people who started taking sodium-containing paracetamol, i.e. a one-year risk of 4.4%, compared to 2,079 among the 141,948 people who started taking take paracetamol that does not contain sodium (3.7%).

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