Efforts to Change the Testimonial Map

JAKARTA – The trial continues for alleged corruption in the social welfare bribery case with the accused former Minister of Social Affairs Juliari Batubara. Several witnesses who were presented began to reveal the facts of the alleged bribery of Rp. 32.48 billion that Juliari was supposed to be.

The plan is for prosecutors to introduce the two former pledge-making officials (PPK) from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Matheus Joko Santoso (MJS) and Adi Wahyono (AW). The two witnesses are suspected of being key witnesses.

In response to this, Juliari through his lawyer, Maqdir Ismail, said that his party had prepared several key questions for these two witnesses. Because, Maqdir said, so far there has been no testimony indicating that there has been a flow of money to Juliari.

“The prosecution only explains globally the figures received by JPB, but never explains the source of the money given and received by JPB,” Maqdir said in Tipikor District Court, Central Jakarta, on Monday, May 31.

“In my opinion, the presence of MJS and AW witnesses to be heard is an attempt by the prosecutor to change the testimony map that has not been in favor of the prosecution. Of course it is legal for the prosecutor to do this,” Maqdir added.

Maqdir admitted that his party would explore the details about the receipt of money and how the money was received by JBP. Of course, also explore the origin of the mentioned money received by JBP.

“Explore the truth of the information on the receipt of money that is always said to have been given or received by JPB according to the indictment,” Maqdir said.

Furthermore, the figures indicated in the indictment were considered quite large, while according to the testimony of witnesses at the BAP, the money they handed over was only a small amount. Based on the BAP, the money presented by the witnesses to the MJS amounted to Rs 7,510,000,000, including those from the HVS and AIM.

“Meanwhile, in the indictment of Harry van Sidabuke Rp.1,280,000,000.00 and Ardian Iskandar Maddanatja, Rp.1,950,000,000.00 and then other suppliers Rp.29,252,000,000.00,” said Maqdir.

Seeing this uneven number, Maqdir continued, of course it would be nice to dig, especially from Matheus Joko Santoso.

“In fact, we hope that the statements from MJS and AW will further strengthen the statements of the witnesses who have explained that JPB did not receive money,” he said.

Previously, the convicted in the case of bribes for obtaining social assistance (bansos) for the management of COVID-19, Harry Van Sidabukke, declared that he had never given a commitment of fees to the former Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) Juliari Peter Batubara .

He admitted that the request for the fee only came from the former compromiser (PPK) of the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) Matheus Joko Santoso.

“It was not referred to the Minister of Social Affairs (Juliari Peter Batubara). As I have explained, the request was in fact from Mr. Joko, not Mr. Juliari,” Harry said while testifying at the Corruption Court in Jakarta on Monday. May 24.

During the trial, Harry also admitted that he knew the figure of Kukuh Ariwibowo, who was an expert member of the staff of the Minister of Social Affairs. He admitted that he was introduced to Kukuh by Adi Wahyono from the Budget Users Authority (KPA) of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Even Adi had asked himself to meet Kukuh. “It was only passed on to Mr. Adi playing games even to Mr. Kukuh’s acquaintances,” said Harry.

However, Harry said that he had never given money or discussed the fee for the provision of welfare to Kukuh. Because he only met Kukuh once.

“I’ve only met Pak Kukuh once, especially regarding the issue of quotas,” said Harry.

Harry, who claimed to have met Juliari in person, during a sudden inspection (sidak) at the grocery store. The meeting took place in the PT warehouse. Hamonangan Sude Mandala.

Harry claimed that at that meeting Juliari never discussed the quota or the fee for the welfare benefit. “I’ve never heard of (the bans fee),” Harry said.

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