Egalim law: raw ham and peas are less popular

This is a fairly clear first assessment that the Kantar research institute has just delivered: since the implementation of the Egalim law on February 1, 2019, the products benefiting from more or less strong discounts are no longer the same … and consumers have heeded it. Remember that the Egalim law aims to limit the price war between brands, by reducing the number and volume of promotions in the food industry. Not surprisingly, between January and early October 2019, the level of generosity (average discount rate) dropped by 4.8%, from 33.5% to 28.7% on average.

The hygiene and beauty departments king of promotions

For certain products, the fall is even vertiginous: the generosity rate thus fell from 44.9% to only 28.8% (a fall of 16 points) for raw hams, from 42.7% to 30.1 % for peas (- 13 points), from 41.9% to 31.5% (-10 points) for coffee, from 40% to 29.8% (-10 points) for compotes, from 39, 2% to 30.3% (- 9 points) for pizzas, from 36.6% to 28.1% (- 8 points) for lemonade, from 39% to 30.6% (- 8 points) for l ” cat food, from 37.1% to 28.8% (- 8 points) for chocolate spreads, and from 31.7% to 27.8% (- 4 points) for pork ham. “Overall, customers bought six food items on sale less than the year before, or 17 euros less in these promotions,” says Lydia Rabine of Kantar.

Conversely, to make up for it, the brands have chosen to multiply the discounts where it was legal, that is to say in the beauty and hygiene departments: the average discount rate has dropped from 43 , 7% to 46.4% (up 2.7%). Baby care and accessories thus saw their discount rate drop from 26.3% to 37.8% (up 11 points), trash bags from 20.7% to 26.5% (+ 6 points) , depilatory creams from 37.8% to 42.2% (+ 4 points), cotton and cotton swabs from 22.8% to 26.8% (+ 4 points), food packaging from 25.7% to 29.7% (+ 4 points) and toilet paper from 33.4 to 37.3% (+ 4 points). “This time, the households spent 5 euros more on this type of promotion,” adds Lydia Rabine.

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