Egan Bernal is able to train in the morning thanks to favor from Mayor Cycling

In our country, professionals can still train outside, although according to some regulations.

In France, Italy and Spain, for example, a loft requirement has been in place for weeks, although in those countries a relaxation would be introduced for bicycle rides on public roads at the beginning of May.

In Colombia, too, the roles have been the pro riders’ best friend for weeks, but things are improving. This was already the case for Egan Bernal today.

L’Equipe knows that the Colombian Tour winner has received a favor measure from the mayor of Zipaquira, his hometown.

Bernal and the other pros who live in the Colombian town are allowed to train between 5am and 8am. They must keep the necessary distance during their training.

Other Colombian pros such as Nairo Quintana are still in the waiting room, but for them there will be good news soon.

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