Egan Bernal’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer

Flor Marina Gómez, mother of Egan Bernalinformed his followers that they detected him cancer stage 2 breast. She did not show distress at the news. Quite the contrary, since she sent a message of strength and was sure that she will win the battle against the disease.

The mother of the Colombian cyclist recorded a video to share her diagnosis and to reflect on how important it is for all women to periodically do a self-examination. Gómez insisted that it is key for cancer to be detected early and focused his message on that. (See also: [Video] “Egan was not something I planned,” revealed the mother of the Colombian idol)

“I want to share one more battle that we are experiencing. Turns out I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I want to share this process with all the women who follow me. I want to send a message so that we take care of ourselves, that we do the self-examination. Detecting cancer early is essential. I want you to see my process, ”said Egan’s mother at first.

Later, she indicated that she is convinced that she will win the battle against the disease. “You know us as a warrior family. Surely, I will come out of this battle very well. I am with a lot of faith, with a lot of optimism, carrying this with the best energy and I am sure that it will go ahead“, he concluded.

Bernal has not yet ruled on the matter. He traveled to Europe last week and there he is training with members of his team and carrying out several tests that will allow us to know his evolution from the serious accident he suffered three and a half months ago. A few days ago, the Zipaqui native happily shared that you can now stop the pedals.

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Egan’s mom received quite a few supportive comments. Her followers are also sure that she will have a satisfactory evolution. and will emerge victorious from this new battle.

Egan Bernal’s mom has breast cancer

Next, the video with which she confirmed her diagnosis:

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