EGAT aims to produce electricity that is environmentally friendly, wins 6 ASEAN Energy Awards 2021

EGAT wins 6 ASEAN Energy Awards 2021 for its good coal governance performance of environmentally friendly Mae Moh power plants and mines. sustainable community development and promoting energy conservation taking into account the participation of the people in all dimensions until it is accepted

Mr. Boonyanit Wongrakmit, Governor of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), revealed that EGAT, as Thailand’s representative, can win prizes from the ASEAN Energy Awards 2021, organized by the ASEAN Energy Center. Total 6 awards, divided into 5 awards for excellence in various fields of ASEAN Coal Industry (ASEAN Coal Awards 2021) and 1st runner-up award in energy conservation (ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Best Practices Awards) in the Green Building category ( Green Building) large buildings

such award This reflects Thailand’s commitment to energy conservation and environmentally friendly power plant operations. By taking into account the participation of the people in all dimensions until it is accepted and has been admired in the international arena

The five ASEAN Coal Awards 2021 awards are:
– First prize in the category of Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR), which EGAT received this award for four consecutive years, this year from EGAT’s “Green CSR” work at Mae Moh Mine. taking into account the environmental impact and focusing mainly on the process of community participation in the area, for example, the rehabilitation of the area that has been mined into forest and recreational areas by planting about 12,000 rai of forest, creating an application “Lampang Hotspot ” to let the community know the situation of smog and forest fires in Lampang Province Developing innovations for communities through the project of producing organic fertilizers and premium grade organic chemicals using Leonardite. EGAT also has a plan to develop Mae Moh Smart City for communities to be self-reliant and develop. To a sustainable social enterprise

– Special Submission category: EGAT received 2 awards, namely, the first runner-up award from the Geoid Model MAEMOH2019 of EGAT Mae Moh Mine. To improve the accuracy of vertical coordinates from satellite surveying To be used in conjunction with modern exploration technology in mining operations instead of traditional methods. And the second runner-up award for the work of improving the process of conveying by-products with the belt of Mae Moh Power Plant helps prevent dust problems and falling along the belt.

– 2nd Runner-up Award in the Open Coal Mining category (Surface Coal Mining) from Driving towards Sustainability (Transformation to Sustainability) of EGAT Mae Moh Mine It places great importance on measures to control the impacts of dust, odor, noise, vibration and water quality, as well as community participation in ongoing environmental impact assessments.

– 2nd runner-up award in the CCT Utilization for Power Generation Category (Large) category for the use of clean coal technology in the category (Large) from the innovation for the environment of Mae Moh Power Plant Reflecting environmentally-friendly operations, the air quality around Mae Moh Power Plant is better than the standards set by Thai law and recognized internationally.

The first runner-up award for energy conservation Green Building (Green Building) large buildings Received from EGAT Learning Center Building, Central Office, Nonthaburi Province, designed with the use of resources and energy efficiency in mind according to the United States Green Building Standard (LEED) at the Platinum level, which is the highest level.

Previously, this learning center building received the Thailand Energy Awards 2021 Outstanding Award for Energy Conservation. Creative building for energy conservation (new building) as well.


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