Ego electric chainsaw in the test

Dhe customers of battery-operated tools – there are more and more – can be divided into two groups: Some buy a nameless product at the discounter or in the hardware store and are happy with it because they rarely use it anyway. The others have higher demands and dig deeper into their pockets for a well-known brand. In addition to the desire to get a minimum of quality for this, the plan often plays a role later to purchase additional devices that the battery will fit. Well-known products are a better choice in many cases, especially if they are harshly used, such as chainsaws. Those that professionals also use then have much more reserves.

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

At this point, the objection often comes that no forest worker cuts oaks with an electric saw. That’s right, at least we don’t know anyone. But there are also horticultural companies and arborists who appreciate the light, quiet and easy-to-use cordless tools. There are several copies in the author’s private collection, the heavy chainsaw is hardly used anymore. The vehicle fleet has been supplemented by an Ego ES 1800 for a few weeks; this year it has sawn together around two solid cubic meters and a few very interesting features.

Ego who? The name was previously unknown to us, which can mean an educational gap, according to its own admission, Ego is the world’s largest provider of cordless outdoor tools. The Chinese company called Chervon has been building products for well-known brands for nearly three decades, and the group includes, for example, Flex and Skil. Under the own brand Ego, cordless tools are sold exclusively through specialist retailers, it is aimed at discerning customers and has only been on the market for a few years with today’s standard range from lawnmowers to leaf blowers to multifunctional devices.

Unusual chain tensioner: when the cover is tightened, the saw does this automatically.

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Ego electric chainsaw

The batteries have it all, and they are also unusual from the outside with their curved shape instead of the brick that is otherwise used. This increases the surface area and is used for cooling, because heat generation is the neuralgic point of highly stressed lithium cells. Those do not come from China, but from Samsung in Korea, they are also coated with a material that absorbs heat. Ego confidently calls its batteries the most powerful on the market, 14 of them connected in series produce 56 volts (at the nominal voltage of 3.6 V per cell it would be 50.4) and 140 watt hours for the smallest power storage device, the largest has four layers and With 560 Wh, it is probably the most powerful battery for hand-operated devices at the moment, but with 3.4 kilos it is also a real chunk that is better carried on the back and supplies the tools from there using an adapter, there are also large backpack batteries.


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