Egypt.. A communication against the heroine of the series Jaafar Al-Omda.. and the disclosure of the charge against her

2023-05-04 17:48:05

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian lawyer, Ayman Mahfouz, submitted a complaint to the official authorities, against the actress Juri Bakr, who played the role of “Wadad” in the series Jaafar Al-Omda.

The author accused the artist, Juri Bakr, of insulting Egyptian women, especially after her recent statements, according to the Egypt Times website.

In the communication, he said that the artist, Juri Bakr, described during her statements the personality of Wadad as the traitorous woman who is present in every Egyptian house and is an example for women from popular areas.

He added that she described all Egyptian women as treason and moral collapse, especially the women of popular areas, who represent more than 80% of Egyptian women.

The author added that the statements are considered a crime against all women and families in Egypt, according to the provisions of Articles 102 and 102 bis, which stipulate that stirring up strife and spreading false news or rumors is punishable by imprisonment and a fine.

Mahfouz concluded that these statements are slander against all the Egyptian people, when the artist, Juri Bakr, called the women of Egyptian society treason.

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