Egyptian art festival gives female artists a platform

Sharjah24 – Reuters: “She Arts” is an arts festival that aims to give a platform to female artists in Egypt and internationally. The festival hopes to create new spaces for female artists to showcase their work, exchange experiences and gain a wider fan base.
Women artists are in the spotlight at this festival in Cairo. ‘She Arts’ is a women-only festival aimed at supporting female artists and helping them build a wider fanbase.

Commenting on this, Neveen Kenaway, Founder and Director of ‘She Arts’ Festival stated, “We offer a platform for women artists, only for them, and we highlight their art to be seen and acknowledged by everyone. We also want to facilitate cooperation between Egyptian and international artists, and this is the case in several of our performances in which Egyptian and international artists collaborate, starting with She Arts Orchestra bringing together Egyptian musicians along with a German conductor and concertmaster.”

The five-day festival hosts music and theater performances as well as stand-up comedy and film screenings.

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