Egyptian hero Hamdto inspires world stars.. | sports

Serbian tennis legend Novak Djokovic expressed his admiration for the performance of Egyptian table tennis player Ibrahim Hamdto, who is in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

And Djokovic posted, through his account on “Instagram”, a video of Ibrahim Hamdto, while participating in the Paralympic Games, and wrote, commenting: “Wonderful .. I am in a daze.”

Hamdto won the praise of many athletes around the world, during his second consecutive participation in the Paralympic Games in table tennis competitions, despite the difficulty of the task, due to the loss of his arms and his competition for the world champions of the game with his mouth and with the help of his feet.

And the official account of the Paralympic Games dealt with the participation of the Nasri hero via Twitter and wrote: “Only in the Paralympic Games, the Egyptian player Ibrahim Hamdto, inspires everyone around the world… After he lost his arms in an accident, he holds the racket with his mouth and his feet help him.”

Hamdto was involved in a train accident at the age of ten, which led to the amputation of his arms, but he managed to master the game of table tennis, despite that.

Hamdto lost his second match, 0-3, against Zhao Chen, the Chinese champion, to lose the opportunity to qualify from the group stage.

He was famous for being the first player in the history of the Paralympic Games to practice table tennis using his teeth, and he also won the silver medal at the African Championship in 2013.

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