EH Bildu requires the PSOE to comply with and repeal the labor reform

EH-Bildu called this Thursday for the PSOE to “rectify” its refusal to repeal the labor reform and to be “faithful to what it said it was going to do”, both in the government program that it agreed with United We Can and in the pact that reached with the own formation of the left ‘abertzale’. Only in this way, he has warned the socialists, will they “gain an iota of the credibility that is being left on the road.”

In a press conference held in Congress, the spokesperson for this group, Mertxe Aizpurua, regretted that the PSOE refused to include this repeal as part of the reconstruction policies to deal with the coronavirus crisis, which in her opinion supposes “Bet once more on the right.” At first, the PSOE voted in favor of the amendment that Bildu had presented in this regard and, therefore, it was included in the conclusions of the economic group of the Reconstruction Commission, but an hour later he asked to repeat this voting, a decision that EH-Bildu received with “stupor” and whose legality even questions, because it was made, he said, “twisting the Regulation” and “against the criterion of the lawyer”.

“We have serious doubts about the validity of that second vote,” said Aizpurua, assuring that his group is currently analyzing whether, as argued by the PSOE general secretary in Congress, Rafael Simancas, that possibility was indeed legal and was contemplated in the commission’s operating rules.

No to covenants with the right

In any case, he has assured that EH-Bildu will put this amendment to the vote again this Friday when the plenary of the commission decides on the text approved by the economic group. Aizpurua hopes that the PSOE changes its criteria in this new opportunity and supports that repeal. “They have until Friday to rectify and change their position,” he insisted. In addition, he warned that this type of decision “greatly complicates any possible future in terms of the left and progressive.” “What we are seeing in recent weeks makes it very difficult to continue on this path,” he said, assuring that his training “is not compatible with the right and its policies.” “We can never be in the same equation,” he stressed.

Asked about possible support for her training to new General State Budgets, Aizpurua stressed that “it will depend on the content” and “the policies offered”.


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