EHPAD crisis: Kaspard relies on AI to improve the quality of life of seniors and caregivers

On the one hand, scandals that seem to follow one another, revealing the mistreatment inflicted on residents of certain EHPADs. On the other, strikes led by teams of exhausted caregivers who are tired of their working conditions. A dichotomy that perfectly illustrates the balancing act imposed on establishments welcoming the elderly. To reconcile the quality of care provided to seniors while relieving the workers as much as possible, Kaspard has developed a solution based on AI. A unique device for the detection, prevention and analysis of falls which has already won over 150 healthcare establishments in France and Belgium.

A beneficial tool for residents and caregivers

In France, every year, 2 million elderly people fall. 12,000 of them even die from their injuries. Figures that make you dizzy, and which illustrate the importance for health professionals to have tools allowing them to fight against this scourge.

Breaking with all the other solutions available on the market, the unique solution developed by Kaspard is distinguished by its cutting-edge technology that is non-intrusive, reliable (99.3% of falls detected), contactless and easy to install and move. The fall detection alarm allows care teams to be alerted in real time of any fall of a resident but also when he gets out of bed in the middle of the nightafter a customizable period room by room, depending on the state of health of each resident. Caregivers then no longer have to open all the room doors, a practice hitherto essential but sometimes deleterious : it is estimated that at night, 49% of falls occur after waking up caused by the opening of a door or involuntary light stimulation.

The mental workload of caregivers is a real issue. Thanks to this time-stamped system and the alerts that are generated automatically, staff can react quickly while leaving residents maximum privacy. Our solution allows them to relieve themselves psychologically. They are no longer afraid of an accident happening and are no longer afraid of lingering too long with a resident wondering what may be happening in the other rooms. As for the residents, they know that a rapid intervention will take place in the event of a problem and are more daring to get up and move locally.
Kaspard thus offers them more autonomy and mobility, and allows them to regain confidence.

Olivier Lenoir, Sales Director at Kaspard

State-of-the-art technology based on artificial intelligence

The Kaspard solution is equipped with an embedded algorithm that analyzes situations and processes information. It uses a distance sensor which reconstructs the relief of the chamber in the form of a cloud of points which are then compared instant by instant to precisely determine the movements and their location. The information arrives in the form of a cloud of points and therefore there is no image, which makes the device strictly non-intrusive and therefore respectful of the privacy of residents.

To date, the sensor has identified more than 600 possible scenarios per room, allowing any false alarms to be ruled out. A resident can thus get up to go to the toilet, or bend down to catch an object that has fallen to the ground without an alert being given.

Analysis and follow-up to optimize resident care

The Kaspard solution also allows caregivers to understand the causes of seniors’ falls and the evolution of their behavior thanks to daily activity reports.. In addition, care teams can analyze falls by viewing them in the form of 3D animations replaying the fall sequence by temporal selection. The data is also accessible remotely, with information sorting options to allow multidisciplinary support.

To properly optimize and individualize the care provided to seniors, it is essential to dissect their nocturnal behavior with the strictest respect for their privacy. By having access to all this information and activity peaks per room, healthcare teams can better organize monitoring and make ergonomic improvements to the room, if necessary. For residents and their families, it is a guarantee of confidence and security. The system is not intrusive since there is no video, no sound and no transit through the cloud or the internet.

Olivier Lenoir, Sales Director at Kaspard



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