Ehpad: Korian will pay a bonus of 1,500 euros to 22,000 employees

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Confronted this Monday with a call to strike in its CGT-FO-Sud Ehpad, the Korian group has finally come out of the shadows to clarify its commitments regarding the personal bonus for its involvement during the pandemic. On April 27, in an interview with Parisien-today in France, its director general, Sophie Boissard, announced a premium of 1000 euros. Since then, the staff had not seen anything coming, despite the May 8 announcement by the government of the possibility for employers located in the forty areas affected by the pandemic, to pay a premium of 500 to 1,500 euros, without charges.

The management of the leader in accommodation for the elderly, singled out for its management of the health crisis, announced this Monday to go further with the payment of a bonus of 1,500 euros net “for all its employees of the 308 Ehpad and 84 clinics having had an effective presence during the crisis and present in the company at the time of payment ”, regardless of the area of ​​professional activity. However, the regional offices, which were on telework, are excluded.

“An amount in proportion to the time worked”

This bonus will be paid “in the first days of July”, announces the director of human resources, Nadège Plou, who specifies that the final amount of this recognition “will depend on the conditions defined by the government”, conditions which have not yet been published. “But we are probably moving towards a prorated amount of time worked, continues Nadège Plou, it is a request from the field which would not understand that everyone receives the same bonus without having performed the same work. “

It will therefore not be 1,500 euros for everyone, but for those who have worked over the entire period and full time. 22,000 of the 24,000 employees are affected. The group also announces the payment, as of May 29, of the participation for the 2019 activity. It will be 585 euros on average per employee. “It is an envelope of 11 million euros which we have decided not to postpone the payment, as it would have been possible,” said the HRD.

At the same time, the group launched extensive social negotiations with a view to improving, in particular, the quality of life at work, the health and safety of employees. A “social contract” which must lead at the end of the year to an agreement for the payment of a profit-sharing of company which would come to be added to the current participation.


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